office makeover

I don’t usually tackle redecorating two rooms at the same time.  I always try to focus on one room from start to finish.  But since many of the things in my office downstairs, are business related items and need to go upstairs, to the room I’m making into a business work space, it was necessary to tackle both at once.

Since my office gets the best natural light in the house, I’m turning it into a space where I take all the photos for my Etsy shop.  That required removing the top of this hutch, which I sold on Facebook the other day.


It was a nice piece of furniture, but I needed that wall.  I was going to sell the whole set, but decided to keep the bottom for photo staging.  I’m painting the bottom white and already the room looks bigger and brighter.


The room is in chaos right now, as things I previously stored on the hutch are searching for new places to land, or go out the door to Goodwill.  So the remainder of these photos are chaotic, as everything is in transition.

This monster armoire will go on Facebook for resale as soon as I find places to relocate everything stored in it.  In it’s place will go a smaller, shorter piece of furniture with storage capabilities that I hope to find at the Springfield Flea Market in May.


The other night I moved my desk from in front of the window, to the side of the room.  I still get the view into the back yard from this position, and the computer monitor isn’t blocking light from the window.

That window looks like you could step right out into heaven, but there really is a back yard out there.



As you can probably tell by now, my office has a beach theme.  If I can’t live near the beach, then I can bring it inside my home.  I have always loved the cleanness of a crisp white and blue room.


Lots of work left to do.  The walls in this room for some reason have a popcorn finish, so I may yet have to scrape it all off of the wall that I’m using for photos.  Fingers crossed, hopefully not.  Stay tuned for the finished product.


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