flea market finds

It is always so overwhelming when you get to The Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market because there are over 2000 vendors and it’s hard to know where to go first.  It is truly sensory overload, and I have a hard time getting my mind to settle down and concentrate on what I came to look for.  I always end up going home with things that were not on the list, but that I truly love.

This was my first purchase from an Instagram friend, Megan from Pennsylvania, who runs Farmhouse Supply.  This jar that came with the flowers, was the perfect fit for this corner of my dining room.


One of the other items I purchased on the second day of the flea, is this vintage Swedish botanical print.  I’ve always loved botanical prints and this one had just the right colors for my living and dining room areas.  I tried to walk away from it, and I even did for a few hours.  But in the end, I caved, and went back for it.


The plant pictured is “Hafre (avena sativa L.).  Since everything on the print is Swedish, I had to look it up online, and it is one of a number of species of domesticated and wild oats that is an annual.


The detail on this print is exquisite, and although I initially felt guilty for buying it, I am so glad that I did.ff3

I wish I knew how old it was, or more of it’s history, but suffice it to say, it has a musty odor to prove it’s been around awhile.


This old soda crate that was painted green, caught my eye on the first day, but I didn’t purchase it until the second day when I went back to visit Megan at Farmhouse Supply.  Green things always speak to me since it is my favorite color, and this time I didn’t leave it behind.


This crate is for the dining room table and I can put as many or as few little bottles in it as I want to hold flowers.  And with the flowers from my yard and gardens, I will have an endless array to choose from over the summer.


These sweet little flowers look like lace cap hydrangeas, but are actually from a viburnum bush that is fragrant and in full bloom right now in my back yard.


Oh the fun of flea market shopping!  You never know what you’re going to find.  Sometimes you find exactly what you were looking for, and sometimes, the items find you.  This was one of those times.


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