peonies on the porch


I’ve been working hard this week finishing up trim and painting the inside of my porch.  Now it’s to a point where I can sit back and enjoy it . . . just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.

I see a little ant found his way into this photo.


Although I’ve never seen English Cow Parsley, this is my American version of what I think it looks like.


This plant with white umbrels reminds me of Queen Anne’s Lace, but I think it might possibly be Bishop’s Weed, and an invasive weed it certainly is.  I’ve been battling with it for years in my garden, trying to eliminate it . . . without success.


I will continue to do battle with it or it would entirely take over everything, but I decided to at least declare a truce and enjoy it’s beautiful and delicate flowers when in bloom.


It certainly pairs well with pink peonies and the delightful Ragged Robin ‘Petite Jenny’ Lychnis flos-cuculi.  They make an amazing summer bouquet for the porch . . . don’t you agree?


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4 thoughts on “peonies on the porch

    1. What a very sweet thing to say. You’re going to laugh, but I need to know which Mary you are. I have 3 Mary friends and your mary423 doesn’t give me a clue as to which one you are.


  1. Thank you Ali for your kind words and confirming my thinking that they are similar. Unfortunately this sweet flower is an extremely invasive weed. It’s so invasive, I doubt I’ll ever win the battle against it, so there will always be a few flowers around to enjoy this time of year.
    I look forward to getting to know you and following another English gardener as I’m always trying to get my gardens to look like they are in England.


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