Dill is a volunteer in my garden.  I planted it years ago, and it’s been happily reseeding itself here and there ever since.


It’s one of those plants that just dazzles me.  I never tire of looking at it’s most delicate beauty, not to mention it’s smell and taste.


I love it in salads and for making pickles.  Often the dill and cucumbers do not come at the same time.  But, if I get lucky, it will be going to seed about the time the cucumbers are coming on, and then it is a fantastic way to save summer in a jar.


But mostly, I just enjoy it for it’s beauty and elegance.



And sometimes when I have excessive amounts of it, I use it as a bouquet.  It has that stand alone quality and needs no other companion to make it the perfect simple summer table centerpiece.


Dilly, dilly.

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