this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet comes with a table setting from Saturday when my Mother and sister came for lunch on the screened porch.


Since I set the table with my bee dishes, I kept the arrangement to all yellows and whites.


Having once been a beekeeper, I am partial to anything with bees on it, and these are my favorite summer plates.


I started this arrangement with leftover Queen Anne’s lace from last week’s bouquet.


And then picked my cutting garden clean of yellow zinnias and snap dragons.


I love the softness of this bouquet, the subtle yellows with tints of pink and soft orange.



With a break in the heat wave, we had perfect summer weather for a lunch on the porch and a lovely time together.


Sweet company and sweetness in a jar.


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17 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. I love my zinnias. This was the first summer I have ever grown them from seed and they have been a continual joy in the garden. Everytime I go out there, they make me smile. I’m so glad I gave them a try.
    Happy Monday Penny!

  2. Please poke it’s like the softest summer in a vase. I love the green tones in the shape of the stems, the delicate petals… it was a great choice of flowers and goes beautifully with your table scape.

  3. It’s a beautiful arrangement which works perfectly with your table setting! I’m certain that your mother and sister were delighted!

  4. Utterly beautiful. That is a colour combination I don’t use enough, but I think you have inspired me to try to replicate it somehow!

    1. Thank you Ali. I’ve never made a yellow arrangement before and I loved the softness of the subtle colors together. I want to see your arrangement when you make yours!

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