this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet was very quick and simple.  I had some verbena bonariensis that had fallen over and were laying in the pathway of the garden.  In order to not trample them, I decided to cut and make a bouquet from them.  On the way into the house, I decided to add some of my ‘Royal Standard’ hosta flowers since I had read they make great cut flowers.


I’m not exactly sure they make a great combination, but like most of my bouquets, I like the close up photos actually better than the bouquet as a whole.


Verbena bonariensis is a 4 – 5 foot plant with clusters of tiny flowers on the end of long leggy stems.  It has a light, fairy-like look in the garden, as if it is floating above everything else.



And well . . . the ‘Royal Standard’ hostas . . . I have already sang their praises in the last post.  What a gorgeous cut flower they make.


Their lily-like smell is divine and fills the room with a heavenly fragrance, especially in the evening.


I’ve been carrying this bouquet from room to room with me just so I can enjoy it’s simple beauty and fragrance.


Happy Monday!


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14 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. I like this combination very much, Cindy, and the pure whiteness of the hosta blooms is stunning. And a fragrance too – I shall have to check and see if I have this variety (too many to remember if I have or not!) but I always forget that some of them are meant to be fragrant. The white flowers seem so much more attractive than the purple and I know some people cut them off rather than them detract from the foliage!

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  2. This is by far my favorite hosta not only for the pure white flowers, but the fragrance is heavenly. As far as I know, none of my other hostas have a fragrance. This is one that you can smell when you walk by it.


  3. What a lovely combination! Hostas are plants I’ve long admired and even tried to grow in my former shady garden but I’m not sure there’s enough shade anywhere in Southern California to make them happy here. In contrast, Verbena bonariensis should in theory like it here but multiple experiments in growing them has given me no proof of that thus far.

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    1. Thank you Kris. I suppose that is very true that they would not like southern CA. They struggle here even in the north when it is hot and dry and need lots of water or get raggedy looking. Verbena does okay, but I need to give it more sun so it doesn’t lean and fall over. It does seem to even survive our harsh winters.


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