the in-between time

It’s that in-between time that comes every November when everything can be described as “drab”.  The brilliant fall colors are gone, and although I’m in no hurry for snow, at least it adds a layer of loveliness to everything as it covers the drab browns of November.

This afternoon I was strolling the yard looking for any hint of color that has not yet succumbed to the cold 20 degree nights and frost.  I had to look hard, but I found and captured a few last remnants of color.

A confused forsythia flower that mistakenly thinks it is spring.

de3 (1)

Some leftover shriveled pyracantha berries that the birds didn’t bother to finish off.

de1 (1)

A kitchen window box where the flowers are long gone, but the asparagus fern and vinca vine are still hanging on.

de6 (1)

These sweet begonias are only still alive because I pulled the pot into the garage.

de2 (1)

The onions I haven’t had time to pull up yet, actually look like they’re enjoying the cold weather.

de7 (1)

On the sheltered east side of the house, a couple pink cluster roses are still trying to bloom.

de4 (1)

Meanwhile the fall cabbage plants I have in urns, seem to love the cold, and are putting on a beautiful display.

de5 (1)

de8 (1)

Such extravagant beauty makes a stunning statement amidst the drab browns of late November.  And it’s a statement that is much appreciated.

de10 (1)

de9 (1)

4 thoughts on “the in-between time

  1. It just goes to show that, if you look hard enough, you can always find something to make you smile. I love the bright ornamental kale. It doesn’t look nearly as good here, probably because it isn’t cold enough!

    1. That’s what I love about gardening. It helps me to always be on the “look-out” for some sign of beauty, that might otherwise go unnoticed.
      I have heard that the ornamental kales/cabbages only get more brilliant as the weather gets colder. They were not very happy with our hot fall.

  2. These are such beautiful images, Cindy! It is incredible that you can still find wonders, isn’t it? I have a troubled relationship with forsythia, but it is lovely in your photo. Each image is so beautifully composed.

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