a box full of baubles

I have this lovely soda crate that I found at the flea market last spring.  I purchased it so I could use it as a centerpiece and display flowers from my garden.

bx2 (1)

But, I decided to flip it on it’s side and fill it with Christmas ornaments, particularly my vintage “shiny brights” and a few of the small “Old World” ornaments.

bx1 (1)

What a fun way to display Christmas baubles other than hanging them on a tree.

bx3 (1)

bx5 (1)

And a perfect way to have a Christmas display in a room where you are limited for space.

bx6 (1)

I haven’t done any decorating for the holidays in my kitchen yet, so I think maybe this just might be what that room needs to brighten it up a bit.

bx4 (1)

This one’s for you Ali.

bx7 (1)

2 thoughts on “a box full of baubles

  1. I think that’s a great idea, Cindy. It looks enchanting. I have a printer’s tray filled with tiny objects I’ve found whilst on holiday, but your idea is just perfect for Christmas.


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