bringing spring inside

Spring is slow coming this year.  With very cold nights and brisk days, everything is hesitant to make an appearance.  Usually by now, at least the forsythia are starting to bloom.

Since, it is still brown and drab outside, and the calendar officially says it is spring, I decided to bring out the spring decor and make it cheerful inside.  I started with the kitchen, and purchased a small bunch of bright and sunny daffodils from the grocery.

s1 (1)

I usually prefer my daffodils all yellow, but I couldn’t resist the brilliant pop of orange.  When paired with evergreen cuttings and my polka dot pitcher, they make a most cheerful sight when I enter the kitchen, and I can’t help but smile.

s2 (1)

A pot of sunshine yellow pansies and forsythia branches I’m trying to coax into bloom, complete the cheerful trio under the window.

s3 (1)

s4 (1)

s5 (1)

A few simple changes to the open shelving gives a pop of yellow color to the opposite side of the room.

s6 (1)

My spring dishes are yellow with bees and mix easily with my standard white dishes that I use for three seasons of the year.

s7 (1)

s8 (1)

The biggest change in the kitchen this spring is the artwork I made using 3-ply paper napkins with a lovely bee design.  It is really quite difficult to find nice bee napkins here in the USA.  All of the prettiest designs are made in Europe, which these were.  I count myself lucky to have found an American ebay seller who carried these pretty napkins, and I could buy them individually.

s9 (1)

The napkins are torn into smaller pieces so you can place the bees in the design you desire and they are applied to the canvas with Mod Podge.  The background of the napkin has a very pale yellow polka dot design with three sizes of bees.

s10 (2)

I also made a coordinating, but totally different layout for another smaller wall in the kitchen.

s11 (1).jpg

I am appeasing my longing for bright colors, flowers, and bees inside, until spring decides to put on her display outside.

Happy Spring wherever you live!

2 thoughts on “bringing spring inside

    1. Thank you Ali! My bee plates always herald in spring in the kitchen and are so cheerful after a long winter. I feel so fortunate to have found these sweet bee napkins and their sweet, simple, and clean look.
      It’s an easy way to change out the look of a room.
      As for when the mood takes me, I wish it would take me more often. Being creative burns a lot of energy and comes and goes at it’s will, not mine. I wish it would come more often and not leave me so drained when it leaves. But when it comes, I try to get on board and ride it as long as it lasts.
      Happy Monday!


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