sweet scilla

I think the coming of spring is an exercise in patience.

Winter drags along, reluctant to leave.  It seems the most early signs of spring are so very small, one has to get down on their knees to view them.  And the effort is always worth it.

sci1 (1)

Sweet scilla follow the snowdrops and crocus . . .  and gives hope, there is more to come.

sci3 (1)

They are such happy little flowers, shouting down winter with their brilliant blues.

sci4 (1)

I don’t really remember planting them, but I know I must have sometime in the last 30 years of living here.  What I do know for sure, is that I did not scatter them around the yard and in the grass.  That was most likely the mischief of squirrels.

sci2 (1)

Every year I find more of them and in new places, which is more than fine with me.  Their sweet presence quietly touches the soul, cheers the heart, and sings of things to come.

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12 thoughts on “sweet scilla

  1. Such a pretty blue flower! I cant remember the name of it, but Im still waiting for one of my flowers to bloom, which will be the first blue-colored one in our garden.

    1. They are the most precious little things that just scatter themselves around the garden and yard with abandon.
      I remember many years ago seeing a yard in an expensive neighborhood that was all blue. I often wondered what flower they had planted to give such a beautiful display. Now, when I see them popping up in my yard, I realize it must have been these sweet little scilla. Maybe I will try to plant some bulbs in my yard this fall.

  2. I just love those little guys, even if I do have to bend down to see them! And, you’re right, they happily (and generously) spread themselves all over the garden and beyond. There’s a lot of positive energy packed into each and every little Scilla bulb!

  3. I’m sorry that winter is hanging on in your part of the country, Cindy. The Scilla deserves your full attention, though – it’s beautiful.

    1. I think winter has finally bid us good bye for another year and spring is emerging now at a rapid rate with days in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m sure it will get cooler again, but hopefully no more nights in the 20’s.

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