when my yards turns yellow

My favorite time of year in my gardens, is when my yard turns yellow.  It’s that time when you haven’t seen any color except drab brown for seemingly months on end.  And then . . . almost as if overnight . . . everything turns yellow.

Both sides of my yard have forsythia hedges and scattered in the front and back yard are hundreds of daffodils.  The forsythia don’t seen as full this year, maybe because of the hard winter we had.  But, either way, they still make a colorful statement.

y1 (1)

Up close and personal, their brilliance is stunning.

y6 (1)

And the daffodils are practically screaming at you with their showy yellow.

y2 (1)

Since I was a child, daffodils and daisies were my favorite flowers.  To me, both are the picture of simplicity and happiness.

y3 (1)

For this brief time of year, before they are crowded out, the yellows take center stage and share it with no other.

y5 (1)

No other word describes a daffodil as well as “happy”.  So . . . if you need to smile, or a dose of happy . . . find yourself some daffodils.  Life can be as simple as that.

y4 (1)

Happy Monday!



11 thoughts on “when my yards turns yellow

  1. I love yellow, the most cheerful of colors, so I can appreciate the joy you get from all those daffodils and the forsythia hedges, Cindy. Enjoy the season – oh, and Monday too!

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  2. The yellow in your garden is surely a sign that spring has arrived, Cindy, and it looks beautiful. I don’t have a lot of yellow in my garden, but I’ve been planting more daffodils ready for spring here, when the time comes.

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    1. I am not a yellow person as far as garden flowers go, except at this time of spring. Then, the burst of yellow, makes my heart sing. When they are done, I’m back to my pastel blues, purples, pinks, and whites.
      To me, daffodils are the best bulbs to plant because they make such a statement, they are so hardy, and the deer don’t like them.

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  3. So cheerful indeed! And beautiful photos of forsythia, too. We don’t give enough credit to those individual flowers, do we, just usually admire the bush as a whole, so it’s particularly nice to see those little details captured. I, too, mostly have lilacs and pinks and whites in the garden for most of the year, and it’s only in early spring that yellow makes an appearance – daffodils echoed by the bonbons of kerria japonica (it’s been particularly floriferous this year). Enjoy the sunshine in your garden, whether the sun is actually out or not!

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