Epimedium is a low-growing perennial that is native to China, Japan, and Korea.  It’s common name is bishop’s hat, because of it’s resemblance to a clergyman’s biretta.

ep3 (1)

I have grown this perennial for years and barely noticed it in my garden, since the flowers are very small and usually hiding under the leaves.  But this year, in late winter, I cut all the old leaves off to allow the flowers to be seen, and what a difference.  Not only are they significantly more noticeable, but it bloomed in profusion.

ep4 (1)

This low-growing perennial is easy to miss in the garden. The flowers all keep their faces looking down, as if too timid or shy to meet your eyes.  These photos were all taken on my hands and knees, and even then I could not meet their gaze.

ep5 (1)

They like dry shade and require very little attention or special care.  Amidst the showy daffodils and hyacinths, they seem content to bloom where they are planted, without any need to be noticed.  In my opinion, they are the definition of humility.

ep7 (1)

They may go unnoticed by a casual observer, but the sweet bumble bees have found them, and were happily gathering nectar and pollen.

ep2 (1)

I hope you are enjoying spring wherever you live.

ep6 (1)

7 thoughts on “epimedium

    1. They are the sweetest little things, and I regret to say, that all these years, I have barely noticed them. Cutting all the old leaves off was the best thing I have ever done, I must say, it gets harder and harder to get down on my knees to see them. Or, I should say, it’s the getting up that is so difficult. But in this case, it was so worth it to view with my camera this sweet shyness.

    1. They are so tiny that most people have never heard of them. I think other flowers with larger blooms show them up. They are dear little things with lovely foliage to follow. I’m rather surprised you can’t grow them since they like dry shade. But then you can grow a million things that I can’t.

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