this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet is simple and ever so sweet smelling.  Being rushed for time, and not much in bloom at the minute, I took the easy route and made a bouquet from all the Lily of the Valley plants in my yard.  I have never used them for a bouquet before and never looked closely at their sweet faces.

bq1 (1)

Actually, I made three bouquets and set them on the ledge of the porch.  It was a cool day, and since a few of them were yellowing, I thought they’d last longer outside.

bq2 (1)

Plus, I love using my pretty little vases, each with a different design and texture.

bq3 (1)

Sweetness is by far the best word to describe these delicate flowers, who spend their short lives, shyly hiding under their green leaves.

bq5 (1)

Taking this opportunity to wish all the Mother’s out there, a sweet and Happy Mother’s Day!

bq4 (1)

You can find lots of pretty bouquets from all over the world at Cathy’s blog Rambling in the Garden for “In a Vase on Monday”.


16 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

    1. I must admit, this is the first time I have picked and enjoyed them and their sweet smell. The blooms are so easily missed hiding under the leaves.
      I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day too Eliza. Happy Monday!

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  1. They are beautiful flowers and you have displayed them and photographed them fabulously Cindy! I love their scent. They have taken ages to get established in my garden – only just enough for one small bunch – it’s just too dry here.

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    1. That’s such a shame, but on the other hand, they can be a pest here. The spread everywhere and I’m always pulling them out to keep them under control. It would actually be nice to have them as a controlled group.

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