the mid-may garden

May is usually a month of abundant blooms in the garden, but this year only a few things are blooming.  The few tulips that survived the deer, have gone over, and the cold rainy weather has slowed everything else to a crawl.


While everything is lush and green, blooms are few and far between.  But what I do like about this lull in performance, is that the alliums have center stage, standing regal and tall.

mm2 (1)

A few other perennials have chimed in, in a quiet kind of complimentary way.  The Blue Wood Hyacinths are peeking out from under the towering peonies, which are still in bud.

mm3 (1)

The Wood Geraniums (Geranium Maculatum) are lush and full this year, making themselves quite at home.

mm4 (1)


mm5 (1)

And these pretty little Cranesbills popped over from the neighbors for a visit, many years ago, and have been hanging around ever since.

mm6 (1)

New additions to the front yard garden this year, are Centaurea ‘Amethyst In Snow’,

mm7 (2)

and Dianthus ‘Star Neon’, br.

mm8 (1)

The front yard garden is quietly regal right now . . . biding it’s time before bursting into bloom.

mm9 (1)

mm11 (1)

Happy mid-week and mid-May!

mm10 (1)





6 thoughts on “the mid-may garden

    1. Thank you Terie! I’d been seeing that Centaurea around on some English blogs, but it’s name was ‘Montanta”. I thought it was exceptionally pretty and unique. I was hoping to find the ‘Montana’ version, which looks the same. By it’s name, I would expect it to be hardy since I think of Montana as a brutally cold state. I’m just hoping this one will be hardy for Ohio.


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