fleeting beauty

Expecting a wintry mix overnight, but hearing the sound of rain on the windows, I was surprised to wake up to a world covered in ice.

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Knowing that the temperatures were headed upwards to 40 degrees today, I wanted to capture this beautiful stage of weather that halted overnight between snow and rain.

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Winters in Ohio can be very brown, grey, and just plain drab without snow to brighten things up.  With it being unseasonably warm since Christmas, there has been no snow, just rain.  So this temporary and fleeting beauty is something to be enjoyed and examined close up.

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The icing is just enough to make walking and driving treacherous, but thank goodness, not enough to weigh down trees and power lines.

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Even the raspberry patch with it’s red canes, looks lovelier wrapped in ice.

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And the ugly pine arrangements I made for the deck and posted about a couple days ago, actually look bedazzled in their icy dressing.

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Even as I write this post, the weather has changed to pouring rain, and all too soon, this fleeting beauty of winter will be gone.  It’s a good day to stay inside with a warm blanket, hot meal, and a good book or movie.

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10 thoughts on “fleeting beauty

    1. Thank you Kris. It isn’t something that happens here but every 3 or 4 years. We usually get either rain or snow and not much in-between. I consider it a treat to have ice on everything, although it is more dangerous than even lots of snow. Glad it’s a Saturday and don’t have anywhere I have to be.

  1. Yikes! Sounds horrible. We’ve not had snow for at least a month, just tons of rain. I imagine this must be what a winter is like in England. But, we’ll not get off the hook that easily, and I imagine any day now, we’ll get winter in all its fury.
    Hang in there and stay warm!

  2. Iced plants always look so magical. Luckily it did warm up so your plants and trees were not damaged. We had a big ice storm down here years ago and some of our trees were bent to the ground and many snapped.

    1. That is definitely ice at it’s worst. We had a storm like that about 10 years ago, a few days before Christmas. The power was out for a few days and traveling was treacherous. It’s only 10 degrees out there now, so I’m thankful the warmth and rain melted all the ice before it got so cold.

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