I’m the mother of an adult daughter, along with my constant companions, a dachshund dog, named Moby, and a cat rescue, named Gabby. I work full time as a medical secretary (hoping soon to retire), and I run a part time Etsy shop.
I define “spare time” as every minute I’m not at my full time job. It’s “my time” to do the things I love most, which consists of gardening, home decor, around-the-house fixer upper projects, reading, creating items for my Etsy shop, and hanging with friends and family. This blog is a journey through the spare minutes of my days. I can’t promise you exciting, but hopefully interesting enough that you might want to come along.

What I Do

I run a part time Etsy shop where I create and sell state wall decor made from vintage road maps. Each U.S. state is lovingly crafted, and uniquely different, as they are made from an assortment of vintage maps and available in different sizes.

What I Do

My real passion, and favorite past time is gardening. My gardens are a place where life is peaceful, tranquility reigns, and where God walks in the cool of the day. There is no place I would rather be.c

Etsy Shop

Custom Comforts

2011 – 2020

The perfect place to find a unique gift for that “hard to buy for person” in your life. A variety of vintage and hand crafted items available. Custom orders accepted.

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