remembering old and new pets

I was weeding in the garden the other day around this chicken statue that is covered with catmint, and I couldn’t help but think back on days, not that long ago, when I had chickens that roamed in this garden. They were each unique, ornery, and so entertaining. But underneath this pile of rocks that the statue sits on, is buried my dearly beloved cat, … Continue reading remembering old and new pets

this week’s bouquet

Making a fresh arrangement doesn’t have to be difficult.  This bouquet was made a few weeks ago with simply taking cuttings from my Oakleaf Hydrangea bush.  Nothing fancy, nothing extra . . . just using what you have at hand. I made this arrangement specifically for my bedroom, since the colors in my room are beige, pale pink, and pale olive green. The Oakleaf flowers … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

so happy

So sorry to post about zinnias again, but I would never have imagined that one pack of seeds could make me so happy. The simplest of flowers brings the simplest of joy. Every time I go into my back yard, I am awed by the riot of color they add, spreading their happiness everywhere. And it’s not just the flowers that bring such joy, but … Continue reading so happy

summer guests – six on saturday

Don’t you love it when you have summer guests?  It’s a sign that the “party is on”.  I’m not much of a party girl myself, but these guests have made this summer very special. This first guest is not so pretty, in fact he is quite scary if looking close up.  Fortunately you don’t actually see them often since they hang out high in the … Continue reading summer guests – six on saturday