christmas mantel

Every year I tend to do something different on my fireplace mantel, usually involving the traditional color of red.  This year however, I chose to go all natural and very simple. I started with some beautiful faux greens that I found at a yard sale some years back.  Then I added this lovely bronze moose that I purchased at the flea market last spring.  I … Continue reading christmas mantel

christmas table centerpiece

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to decorate this vintage tray for Christmas.  It is the centerpiece for my dining room table and main focus of the room.  Because it is rather deep for a tray, it was a bit more of a challenge. I decided to follow Miss Mustard Seed’s idea of using these little papier mache boxes.  They were purchased at Hobby Lobby … Continue reading christmas table centerpiece

peppermint corner

The last few years, I’ve been decorating my house for Christmas primarily in faux greens and pine cones.  I have veered away from decorating with the traditional bright red other than my peppermint collection from years ago.  I don’t really like the taste of peppermints, but I do love to decorate with them. To me, peppermints are cheerful and brighten up this end table in … Continue reading peppermint corner

my office christmas tree

Every year I bring this small wire tree to the office to add a little Christmas cheer and atmosphere to my work area.  I’ve had it around 20 years or so, and it’s about 18-24 inches tall.  Over the years, I have collected small, old world Christmas ornaments that represent the Christmas season and interests I have. It’s a cheerful little tree that glistens and … Continue reading my office christmas tree

the in-between time

It’s that in-between time that comes every November when everything can be described as “drab”.  The brilliant fall colors are gone, and although I’m in no hurry for snow, at least it adds a layer of loveliness to everything as it covers the drab browns of November. This afternoon I was strolling the yard looking for any hint of color that has not yet succumbed … Continue reading the in-between time

remembering old and new pets

I was weeding in the garden the other day around this chicken statue that is covered with catmint, and I couldn’t help but think back on days, not that long ago, when I had chickens that roamed in this garden. They were each unique, ornery, and so entertaining. But underneath this pile of rocks that the statue sits on, is buried my dearly beloved cat, … Continue reading remembering old and new pets