selecting chairs

Selecting chairs for my new work area upstairs has been a real learning experience for me.  I built a standing work table since sitting all the time is not healthy for you, and the hunt was on for a bar height stool for when I needed to sit.

I previously showed you on Facebook the chair I was getting from Ikea.  Let’s call it stool #1.  I really liked the look and the price.  But, my bad back screamed with spasms after sitting there.  My original intention was to stand while I work, and sit when I can’t stand any longer.  I purposely got a chair that wasn’t too comfortable so I would be encouraged to stand as much as possible.  But, I didn’t factor in that my feet would rebel so strongly.  My feet have high arches and when I stand or walk too much, the arches fall, which results in pain that takes a long time to get back to normal.  I should have known better, but I seem to spend a lot of time in denial that I am getting older.


So, off I went to hunt for stool #2.  It also was a style that went with the decor.  The price was higher, and although it had no cushion, it did have arm and back support.  I tried it out and my back didn’t object, but my bottom wasn’t as comfortable as it would have preferred.


Well, the next day I was in Staples looking for a padded standing mat for my feet, when I stumbled across stool #3.  I sat in it and every part of me seemed happier, so I brought home one to try out.  I’m sure you have figured out by now, which one was the keeper.


I spent Sunday afternoon running around returning stools.  The Ikea stool made a great plant stand, but not a butt stand, so back it went.  So did stool #2.  Stool #3 was the keeper.

Meanwhile, with all the stool dilemma, I decided I needed a comfortable chair up there too, for when I could no longer stand or sit on the stool.  You know you’re getting old, when your body makes all your decorating decisions.  I spent Friday looking for chairs and found this one that swivels and rocks (another sign you’re getting old).  But there is just enough room for Moby and I to squeeze our collective butts in there since he always likes to sit next to me.


Brought home these fabric selections and ended up picking fabric #3.  I figured it would show less dirt in the long run, as Moby will probably be using the chair when I’m not.


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2 thoughts on “selecting chairs

  1. Good choices! I’ve noticed my footwear decisions are also being dictated by my age……being comfortable is moving up the list. It hasn’t passed beauty….yet. 👵🏼

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