a sweet read

If you enjoy gardening, you will enjoy “The Garden in Every Sense and Season” by Tovah Martin.  It’s an eloquently written easy read that is a personal narrative about enjoying our gardens through our senses.


Torvah talks about the rushing that comes with spring.  She says, “So often, it’s like a tsunami, and we are caught up in its rush until we drown.”  That is how I felt this spring . . . so overwhelmed, I thought I was going under from the stress and rush to catch up, because of a spring that came so late.  This book is teaching me to slow down, to sit, and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  And this is where I have been sitting . . .


This rusty wrought iron chair and side table are surely more than just garden ornaments.  They are inviting me to rest, and linger here.


So, every few hours, I set down my tools, park my bottom in the chair, and pick up this book.  I read a few pages . . . look at the gorgeous photos . . . and feel refreshed in spirit and energy.


My senses are awakening to the beauty in the details all around me, like the curves of this old rusty furniture.


And . . . I’ve decided to make these seating areas of my yard places of beauty . . . places that are inviting.  I added a hanging pot of newly planted flowers by the table, right at eye level so I can see them when seated.

Previously, I would have planted a basket and stuffed it full of new start flowers in order to get that fullness that comes with time.  But this year, I’m willing to be patient and allow these three varied plants to come to fullness in their own time.  As I take my breaks throughout the summer here, I look forward to watching their progress as much as my own.


Simple pleasures that I would otherwise pass by in my consumption to pull every last weed.


This book is teaching me to look closer, breathe deeper, and listen harder . . .  to truly savor my favorite outdoor spaces.  I’m learning to enjoy the process as much as the finished project. Slow and simple are the best way to live . . . and I feel renewed and revived as a result.


And then there is my buddy, Moby, who enjoys taking his breaks in my lap and surveying all that we’ve been able to get done so far.


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