Feverfew is a flowering plant from the daisy family.  It has the sweetest little daisy heads that grow in clusters on airy stems with fernlike leaves.


It is a traditional medicinal herb that is commonly used for the treatment of fevers, migraine headaches, and rheumatoid arthritis.  I’ve had migraines all of my life and never heard of this as a preventative.  Who knew?


These sweet little plants came up as volunteers in the back of my yard and now have found their way into delicate bouquets set in this vintage soda crate that I purchased at Springfield this year.


Sweetness comes in many forms, but today it is coming as a gift to you, my dear friends, in the form of feverfew to lighten and brighten your day.



4 thoughts on “feverfew

  1. My feverfew is just now budding, but I love those little daisy flowers in arrangements! The double variety dries really well for use in wreaths, etc.

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