so happy

So sorry to post about zinnias again, but I would never have imagined that one pack of seeds could make me so happy.


The simplest of flowers brings the simplest of joy.


Every time I go into my back yard, I am awed by the riot of color they add, spreading their happiness everywhere.



And it’s not just the flowers that bring such joy, but the numbers of butterflies and bees that they have brought to my yard this summer.  It’s not unusual to have 4 – 5 butterflies here at the same time drinking up the happiness.


And although I usually prefer my flowers in pastels, these happy colors are intoxicating.



From this . . .


to this.  Who can fathom this miracle of life?



So . . . no matter how hectic or trying the day has been . . . I come here to drink in the peace and painting of God’s creativity.  I wish you could walk with me here and I could send you home with a bouquet of happiness.  But since I can’t, I hope these photos have brightened your day and make you happy too.



13 thoughts on “so happy

  1. Oh, Cindy, I love Zinnias as well. They are one flower that can actually grow well in our California dry heat. In fact, my Dad used to have a bed of them outside his workshop. He, too, liked them. Every year, Zinnias outside the shop. I just love your posts. Sure wish I could see your place in person. So glad technology has gotten us back in touch and I can at least see photos!

    1. My Grandpa always grew zinnias, but he grew the kind with the big heads and multiple layers of petals. I was never attracted to them then, but I was surprised how much I love the simple little ones. They just make my heart sing.

  2. Would you mind if I use the 3rd-to-last photo, and maybe the 3rd one down, in a post I’m going to do soon with photos of zinnias. You can be sure I will credit you by name and also link back to this post and to your blog. Pls let me know, thanks!

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