this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet is made from a few cuttings of this and that.

bb1 (1)

It started when I was dead heading and cutting back these zinnias that were laying on the ground.  Next, I added a few coleus growing from a pot on the deck . . .

bb2 (1)

. . . and a few lantana.

bb3 (1)

An afterthought addition was a few pokeweed branches with their purple berries.  I snatched these from my neighbor’s yard as this weed is not allowed to grow in my yard.  This poisonous plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and once you allow it to go to seed, you will forever be pulling out seedling volunteers.

bb4 (1)

The berries, to me, are the only pretty part of this obnoxious pesky weed.  But I do love how the stems look like little flowers after the berries fall off.

bb5 (1)

The deep burgandy/purple stems contrast so nicely with the unripe green berries.

bb8 (1)

These aren’t colors I would normally put together, but I do love how they clash and yet blend with each other.

bb6 (1)

A sweet mini pumpkin completes the look.

bb7 (1)

Happy Monday and week ahead!!!


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15 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. Thank you so kindly. The round wood is just a slice from a cut tree. I have them in different shapes and sizes as they come in handy for decorating so often. Plus, they were cheap and free (that is if you have a tree that needs cut down).

  2. I didn’t think of the colours clashing either – just ‘autumnal’. Coleus is such a great foliage plant and i like how you have snaffled the pokeberry from your neighbour’s garden – it doesn’t seed into yours, does it? I like the slice of wood idea and with recent tree felling could create more than just a few of these!

    1. I guess the colors are ones I would never think to put together except in fall. They aren’t my favorite colors, but they do play well together.
      I have had pokeweed in my yard in past years and I am still pulling out seedlings on a weekly basis. My elderly neighbor can no longer manage her gardens or yard and it has all gone over to weed seeds. So, I am constantly pulling weeds that have come over from her garden via seed or underground runners. It is never ending. I’ve started weeding her side of the fence in an attempt to minimize my weeding.
      Those rounds are easy to make in all sizes if you have a chain saw and come in so handy when decorating.

  3. Just lovely! I like the pokeweed and that is really neat how the stem looks like it has flowers when the ripe berries drop! I haven’t seen pokeweed since I was a little girl (it doesn’t grow this far north).

  4. A lovely combination. Pokeweed berries are gorgeous this time of year and they add a wonderful touch to your arrangement!

  5. Coleus is a great addition to many arrangements, as your lovely vase this week demonstrates! I’ve used it a bit lately and I’m not sure why I don’t think to do so more often. I love the pokeweed in your arrangement. I tried growing it once here but it didn’t much like our summer hear and promptly died.

    1. You should be glad your pokeweed didn’t grow. It is truly a nuisance and I’ve been pulling it up for years, but still it keeps trying to make its way back into the garden.

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