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The lilacs are glorious this year.  My row of lilacs were about 4-foot tall plants when I put them in three years ago, and since that time, some of them have reached 8-9 feet tall with the largest blooms I’ve ever seen.

li2 (1)

I planted 11 lilac bushes and there were 2 older bushes in this row along the side of my back yard.  This was supposed to be a living fence to give me privacy from my neighbor’s yard, but now the race is on to get them as tall as I can to keep the deer out.  A couple bushes died over the winter, and I have replaced them with bushes that are only 4-feet tall.  This is the weak link where the deer come over.

Anyways, on to this week’s bouquet, which of course are lilacs in a new polka dot container that I found at a pop-up sale a few weeks ago.

lil3 (1)

I fell in love with this container the moment I saw the picture of it on Facebook, advertising the sale.  Fortunately, I was able to get the last one.  With my kitchen, living room, dining room, and porch, all in green, I knew I would gets lots of use out of it.  And who doesn’t love polka dots?

li4 (1)

There is no need for commentary when it comes to lilacs.  We are all familiar with their fragrance and beauty, that words can’t describe.  So, I’ll leave you with photos which speak for themselves.

li5 (1)

li6 (1)

li7 (1)

li8 (1)

li10 (2)

li11 (1)

li12 (1)

Please join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden where she hosts “In a Vase on Monday” for more beautiful bouquets from around the world.

16 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

  1. No need for commentary indeed! Simply beautiful. I adore lilacs. I am less familiar with the full, multi-petalled ones, but the flowers on your first picture took me right back to my childhood where we scrambled to find the ones which had five petals instead of four – you get to make a wish then but you need to eat the flower first, I remembered the bitter but inoffensive taste as soon as I saw your post! 🙂

    1. The first picture is of the oldest ones, that have been in my yard for over 30 years. They are the old fashioned kind and have much smaller blooms. I never heard of making wishes and eating flowers. That is sweet, but I don’t think I’ll try it.

    1. In my opinion, there are very few bushes in the garden that match the beauty and fragrance of the lovely lilac. They usually bloom at the same time as my wisteria and honey suckle trees, and then it smells like heaven in my back yard. Enjoy every minute of yours when they open.

  2. Oh I like the dotty vase too and it is a useful shape that could be used for other things like storing utensils. Your lilac hedge must look amazing when in full bloom and smell divine, as must your vase. Thanks for sharing

    1. I thought about using it for utensils, but it is a little bit too deep. I know I won’t have any trouble finding many ways to use it.
      The lilac hedge is beautiful when in full bloom. I very much limited my time back there this spring because I had some much coveted Eastern Bluebirds nesting amidst the lilacs and I didn’t want to scare them away.

  3. Mmmm, I can just imagine the fragrance from those! I love lilacs but unfortunately the rest of my family is allergic to them…I can have them outside but can’t bring in bushels of them to scent the house as I’d like to. 😉

    1. I work with someone who thinks they stink so I cannot take any to work. The sad thing to me is that they only last a day and then wilt. So I feel better smelling them outside over bringing them in, even though they make the house smell wonderful.

    1. So many of my childhood memories are linked to flowers and vegetables that my Grandpa grew, and he could and did grow everything. I know my gardening genes come from him.

  4. Lilacs are another of my “holy grail” plants (i.e. flowering plant I covet but can’t grow in my climate). We make do with Ceanothus, which is called the California lilac but doesn’t have the scent of the real thing.
    While some low-chill Syringa varieties are sold here, none of them do particularly well. Yours are marvelous and the concept of a hedge of them is almost unimaginable to me. Your new vase is perfect for them.

    1. As wonderful as it would be to live somewhere that grows the variety of plants you have, because I was born and raised in the East, there are plants I just don’t think I could do without. And lilacs are one of them. They are heavenly.

  5. Gorgeous! I can almost smell the blooms from here! I left all my lilacs and French lilacs at the old farm, but a white lilac planted in the North Island two years ago is blooming now, and enticing me to plant more! Never too much of a good thing! Lovely photos!

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