dancing poppies

When Carolee from herbalblessingsblog mentioned back in winter that you could sprinkle poppy seeds on cold frozen ground, I decided to try it.  In March, I bought a packet of seeds called Poppy Corn ‘Shirley Single Blend’ and threw them on top of the frozen dirt of a raised bed and waited to see what would happen.

To my amazement, some time in April, they sprouted . . .  it seemed like millions of them.  Somewhere along the way, I should have thinned them, but I was in awe of these tiny plants growing in the cold spring dirt, and I let them be.

Well, fast forward to late May, and I have hundreds of hairy, thistle-like poppies twisting and turning, dancing to music only they can hear.

p3 (1)

Day after day I watched them with their drooping heads, but still dancing.

p4 (1)

And then one opened . . . shy at first.

p5 (1)

And was she a beauty.

p6 (1)

And the next day, another opened.

p7 (1)

And another . . .

p8 (1)

and another.

p9 (1)

And pretty soon . . . there was a party going on.

p11 (1)

Dancing and twirling, skirts ruffling in the wind.

p10 (1)

Some are not so shy . . . throwing off all restraint as they dance.

p12 (1)

p1 (1)

And some are simply provocative.

p15 (1)

And every evening after work, I rush out to see who has come to join the party.  Such sweet and simple joy . . . all for $1.79 . . . the price of a pack of seeds.

“Life is good, wild and sweet, let the music play on.”  –   lyrics from All Night Long

p14 (1)


14 thoughts on “dancing poppies

    1. It doesn’t get any easier than this. I also sowed Love in a Mist and Larkspur this way and they are growing along well, but not blooming yet. Next time, I’ll prepare the bed in the fall and add compost, since in February/March our ground is still frozen pretty solid for adding any supplements.

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  1. How pretty Cindy, and mostly pink I see! I’ve tried that scattering system with poppies but have only a limited success. Perhaps it wasn’t cold enough…or wet enough.

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    1. Carolee said she was late getting hers out, that usually she scatters them in February. I guess the seeds need some freezing and thawing temps for germination and she was hoping March wasn’t too late. She also suggested sowing Love in a Mist, and Larkspur this way too. They have also come up, but are not blooming yet.


  2. Wow! Such a simple pleasure that brings endless joy! 🙂 These are absolutely stunning. You can’t help but smile looking out upon such perfect creation. Thank you for brightening our days by sharing them! ♥


    1. Thank you Holly. They have given me so much joy I can hardly wait to get out to the garden to visit them and drink in their beauty.
      I emailed you regarding following you. I can’t find any follow button. Could you tell me how to get on your follow list so I get your posts?

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      1. Hi Cindy! It blesses my soul to hear the love you have for your garden. I hope each day it truly does bring peace and joy to your heart, even on the toughest days.

        I unfortunately didn’t receive your email. I’m wondering why? :I May I ask which site you were wanting to follow? Sending you lots of love & happiness this beautiful day! 🙂

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