virginia bluebells

I think Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginicia) are my favorite of the shade/wild flowers. One of America’s native plants, Virginia Bluebells are part of the Borage family.  They have nodding clusters of pink buds that open into a lovely blue trumpet-shaped flower. I’ve had a few plants for years, but they have never done well, and often seemed to struggle just to survive.  But, for some … Continue reading virginia bluebells

this week’s bouquet

First bouquet of the year from the garden, and of course, it is daffodils and forsythia, with a few stems of epimedium thrown in. Such a cold, rainy morning required a quick run through the rain in an attempt to bring some sunshine into the house. The daffodils are at their peak, and all too soon will be going over.  It was now or never … Continue reading this week’s bouquet


Epimedium is a low-growing perennial that is native to China, Japan, and Korea.  It’s common name is bishop’s hat, because of it’s resemblance to a clergyman’s biretta. I have grown this perennial for years and barely noticed it in my garden, since the flowers are very small and usually hiding under the leaves.  But this year, in late winter, I cut all the old leaves … Continue reading epimedium

bringing spring inside

Spring is slow coming this year.  With very cold nights and brisk days, everything is hesitant to make an appearance.  Usually by now, at least the forsythia are starting to bloom. Since, it is still brown and drab outside, and the calendar officially says it is spring, I decided to bring out the spring decor and make it cheerful inside.  I started with the kitchen, … Continue reading bringing spring inside

this week’s bake – crumb cake

  When my daughter and I would visit my parent’s, my Dad would often travel to the neighboring town of Mansfield, Ohio, where they had the BEST ever German bakery.  He usually came back with poppy seed rolls and crumb cake, or as I remember, my Grandmother called it “coffee kuchen”.  The crumb cake was one of our all time favorites, and I have never … Continue reading this week’s bake – crumb cake

this week’s bake – spanish bar cake

This week’s bake is Spanish Bar Cake.  This cake is my favorite childhood memory cake, that my Mom always bought at A&P.  My sisters and I were talking about this cake, so I Googled it, found the recipe, and decided to give it a whirl. The A&P Grocery store is a part of many of our childhood memories.  Officially known as The Great Atlantic & … Continue reading this week’s bake – spanish bar cake