spring bouquet

Last week I was reading Traci’s post at Hembree House Interiors, Creating an English Garden Bouquet, and it left me uplifted in spirit, and inspired. It made me realize how much I was longing for spring and the color of flowers. Be sure to stop over and check out the beautiful arrangement she made. It is truly a feast for winter weary eyes. I very … Continue reading spring bouquet

this week’s bouquet

There is so much more blooming in the garden this week as spring is flowing into summer.  The cool days are most likely behind us now, with summer heat and humidity in full swing.  This week’s bouquet is a collection of all my favorite garden colors. My favorite color in garden flowers is pink.  There can never be too much pink in a garden for … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet is made from two shrubs since not much is blooming in the garden at the moment. I started this weekly feature a year ago to challenge myself to not only be more observant of what was blooming around me, but to be more creative in the process.  It’s been a learning process of thinking creatively with no rules whatsoever. The flowering shrub … Continue reading this week’s bouquet

the many and lovely shades of green

When I was a child, yellow was my favorite color.  As an adult, it has to be green.  Four rooms in my home are green, and my porch.  I’ve come to think of green as a neutral, since it plays so well with every color. Nature provides every shade imaginable and in every shape and size. After a drab, brown, and dreary winter, colors are … Continue reading the many and lovely shades of green

a few tulips

This year, I have but a few tulips.  Most have been eaten by the deer, and only a handful survived to bloom.  I’m getting very frustrated with the deer.  Last night, I accidentally left the front gate open, and they came in and ate the grape hyacinth on the table of my deck, and they thoughtfully pinched back my pots of beautiful pink petunias for … Continue reading a few tulips