curb appeal

How important is the curb appeal of your home to you?  More important than the interior?  Judging by many neighborhoods, curb appeal doesn’t seem to rank very high on their priorities.  Although you don’t see the interiors of most homes, you do form an instant opinion of someone’s home or neighborhood based on what you see outside.

I don’t personally know which I would rank higher, but how my home looks on the outside, is just as important to me as the inside.  The outside is just as much a reflection of me, and the only view most people ever have of my home.  The outside of your home should make people curious to see what the inside is like.

With all that said, although I have tons of work both inside and outside my house to do right now, I am focusing on the curb appeal in the front yard and getting things tidied up after the winter.


It’s the little things that give your home curb appeal and make people feel welcome.  This little sign hangs on the picket fence right along the walkway leading to the front door.


Newly planted black urns of caladiums and begonias sit on each side of the front steps.  Simple . . . but inviting.


A sweet set of cement rabbits that I’ve had for years and years sit on the lowest step.  This lovely couple are named Rhett and Scarlett, because I found Rhett when visiting a dear friend in Charleston, South Carolina over 30 years ago.  He’s been hanging out with Scarlett ever since, somewhere in the yard.


More ferns and flowers near the front door, but I try to keep it simple so the watering doesn’t become a chore.


And lastly, I try to fly a flag.  During football season, I fly the Ohio State Buckeye flag on weekends.  For national holidays, I fly the American flag.  And in between those times, I fly the State of Ohio flag.  There is something about a flag that makes a home look more welcoming to me.


Keeping flower beds weeded and sidewalks edged, gives your home a neat and clean look.  People won’t know what you did, but they will notice there is something very tidy and attractive about your home.  A little effort goes a long ways. Where do you rank curb appeal and how do you add it to your home?

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2 thoughts on “curb appeal

  1. I love the outside of your house, Cindy. It’s so pretty with such attention to detail. I usually plant geraniums and other flowers in my large planters but you have me rethinking that. And I always love a flag.
    We’ll be moving in June so I’ll have a whole new garden to plant. I look forward to it but will miss my hardens I’ve tended to for so many years. Btw, ferns make a wonderful addition!


    1. I usually use just ferns in the front. I hang 2 on the porch, put 2 in the urns by the garage, and put one more in a stand in front of the fence. A nice classic look, but I always end up having to throw them away at the end of the season, just when they are the most beautiful because I don’t have good light in my house to keep them. I used to let the chickens eat them since they loved them. But, this year I just tried to do something a little more easy cause I always hate to water everything when I get too much going.
      Where are you moving to? At my age, I don’t think I have a new garden in me. I’ll be 65 this summer and it’s really starting to get harder to take care of it all. I’m determined to keep at it as long as I can because it gives me such pleasure, but getting up off the ground is becoming increasingly difficult. I want to see photos of your new home – when you have time of course.


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