rainy weekend

Who doesn’t love a rainy day?  Softly falling rain, soothing like music to the eyes, ears, and soul after a dry spell.


Promises of rain often come to naught, especially when desperately needed.  But, it’s a whole weekend drinking binge forecast for the thirsty ground and plants.  Every gardener and farmer must be as happy as their thirsty plants.

I plan to spend some of this rainy weekend on my screened porch enjoying the sound of falling rain and cooler temps.  A sweater might even be needed as I do my own form of soaking in this cozy, protected corner of the porch.


A good, unfinished garden book is a must for chilling . . . and maybe a glass of wine.


The views and sounds, and a good read, are all I need for entertainment.


The only downside to this wet weather is it makes the smell of skunk on the poor dog much more pronounced and unpleasant.


I hope all my garden friends far and wide are getting much needed rain this weekend.


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